Sunday, 7 September 2008

Okoy Recipe (Squash and Bacon)

Here's another experimented recipe. Íve just found a British squash that I can use in Okoy recipe that my Nanay used to cook when I'm still young. Since I don;t have shrimp here, I used Bacon as alternative. Check it out!



1. Medium Size Onion chopped

4 Cloves of Garlic, chopped

1 Cup of grated Squash

1 Cup All Purpose Flour

1-2 Eggs

Ground Pepper


Chopped Bacon


1. Mix all the ingredients with enough lukewarm water.

2. Put enough oil in the pan and bring it to boil.

3. Using spoon, flatten scoop of mixture to the pan and cook it till golden brown.

4. Make a Vinegar sauce suing chopped onion, spicy chili and vinegar.

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